Web Hosting

Once you have registered a domain name for your website it will need to be hosted, it’s like buying a car and then getting it taxed and insured. If you car has not been taxed and insured you won’t be able to use and it is the same for your website, if you don’t find somewhere to host it you won’t be able to use it.

Here at HK Web Solutions we offer many web design services across Birmingham, West Midlands and surrounding areas; these web design services include web hosting. This means that we will allocate a space for your website on our servers. This will then allow your business information or your website to be located by browsers and found on the World Wide Web.

We all know how annoying it is to open a website and it takes ages to load, slow websites are often the first reason that people leave a website. As a web design company in Birmingham we understand that a website is often the first and most important marketing tool for a business so it is essential that it runs fast.

As experts in search engine optimisation in Birmingham we also understand that the content within the website is well indexed by the search engines and this is only possible with high quality and efficient web hosting for your website.

If you have a website pop onto it now and see how long it takes to load, nobody likes a slow website and research has shown that if people are waiting longer than 4 seconds for a website page to fully load they will close the page down and go to another website. Simply speaking this means if you do not have good quality web hosting and your website takes too long to load up, you will lose potential customers.

Whether you are looking for web hosting for a business website or a simple blog we can help. We have a wide range of web hosting solutions to suit your business, your requirements and your budget. We will have the right web hosting solution for your business needs, so why not contact us now to see how we can help you?